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SafeAssign: viewing the Originality Report

If students hand in a Safe Assignment, the submission always will be checked for plagiarism. In this way, SafeAssignments are different from the standard ones. If you want to know more about creating Safe Assignments, read the manual: Creating Safe Assignments.

This manual is a part of three related manuals:

  • Part 1: SafeAssign: viewing handed in material,
  • Part 2: viewing the Originality Report (this manual),
  • Part 3: checking handed in SafeAssign items

Part 2: viewing the Originality Report

  1. Be sure that you are in the screen ‘View SafeAssign Submissions’, this is explained in the manual of part 1.
  2. Select the appropriate submission and click the corresponding icon in the column ‘SA Report’.
    The report consists of three main components:
    – General information about the report,
    – The original text of the manuscript,
    – Citations.
    The sources of the citations are all marked in a different colour. This marking can be turned off for a source. Turned of sources are not marked anymore, althought they still will contribute to the calculation of the total percentage of plagiarism.
    If you do not want to include a citation in the calculation of the plagiarism, click on ‘Select sources and resubmit’. Select/unselect the sources you want/do not want SafeAssign to include in the calculation and click on ‘Resubmit’ to recalculate the amount of plagiarism. Blackboard will now ignore the sources you unselected.
  3. Reload the page to see the result of the calculation. The sources that are unselected before, are crossed out in the ‘Citations’ screen and are not marked in the text anymore. The total percentage of plagiarism has been recalculated.

More information about SafeAssign can be found in other parts of this manual: