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Completing Portfolios

Adding a new document to the Portfolio

Go to the ‘My Portfolio’ page. Open the concerning portfolio. Generally, you will make use of artifacts to add a document to your portfolio. Sometimes however, you might have a reason to add a document directly to the portfolio from within the editor, below an explanation.

  1. Selecteren bestand
    Go to the page/section to which you want to add the document. Make it active by clicking on it. The menu will open up.
    Click on the add-file icon. Blackboard will show you a popup-screen, through which you can select a file to add. This looks like the image below:
    It is advisable to fill in the ‘Alt Text’ with a short description of the document, this will supply the reader with extra information about the document while hovering the mouse over the file-link.
    Select wether the file should be opened in the same screen or in a new one.
    At last issue ‘Submit’ to add the link to the text.