Blackboard Support


A course enviroment is created for every course. While modifying this course, the instructor / course-coördinator keeps the course in an invisible state. If the course is ready, he/she makes sure that the course module will be made visible (available)  to students. Usually a course is visible at the start of the period, mostly this will be done two weeks before the course begins. If you do not see your course listed please send the instructor / coördinator an e-mail. 

Support for study or course related issues is delivered by the Faculty Student Desks or by the instructors of the respective course. Your Faculty provides Blackboard support  for both instructors and students. You can always ask them for support on technical and functional issues. On this page at the right and at the main page of the supportsite you can find the Faculty support e-mail addresses listed under the header ‘Contact’.

Your Faculty Support is entitled to deliver support in certain areas. Some issues will be handed over to the Blackboard functional administrators. Blackboard functional administrators are part of ITS.


In some situations the standard UU password does not work for Blackboard.
You can solve this by following these steps:

1) go to
2) click ‘vergeten wachtwoord’, fill in the captcha and log in using your solis-id and password
3) click ‘change password’
4) change your password
5) it may take a while to synchronize your password with Blackboard, but mostly maximum for about 15 – 20 minutes

Note: this action will change your base Solis-ID password, the one you use to log in everywhere. Eventually, the Blackboard password will also be changed with this action.

In principle you can. Blackboard makes it possible to work in groups. The way to enrol a group and the availability of applications for that group is determined by the instructor. This also applies to the possibility to send e-mail from within the group. Instructors also have the possibility to send e-mail messages to the students.