Blackboard Support


Annotation in Blackboard

Within Blackboard it is now possible to annotate submissions within Blackboard itself.

When grading the attempt the content and submission file will be shown and the possibility is open to annotate within the document itself. The submission inclusive the annotation can be downloaded by instructors and students.

Grading the assigment can be done the regular way by navigating to the grade center and navigating to the student and his/hers attempt.

After the attempt is clicked the following screen will be shown:

Please note:  The earlier way of annotate, by downloading the original submission and annotating offline is still possible by clicking the file at the right hand side of the screen.

Explanation annotation tool:

A = Thumbnail / Outline / Annotation overview
B = navigate through pages of the submission
C = hand for enabling selecting annotations
D = Zooming
E = adjust page  (Fit page / Fit Width / Best fit)
F = pencil for drawing
G = add pictures or stamps
H = adding comments
I = add text (sub toolbar appears below the main toolbar)
J = Line (Line, Arrow, Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Polyline)
K = Downloaden submission inclusive Annotations
L = Searching within submission document
M = Downloaden submission without annotations



To annotate within the submisson the following steps can be followed. Which annotation tool is used depends of course on which tool the instructor wants to use.

There are several annotate options, herebeneath some examples:

Adding text:

  • navigate to the location within the submission
  • Click upon the  [T] knop (see explanation, button I)
  • configure within the sub toolbar the way the text should look
  • Now click on the exact location where the text should appear and write the text

Adding comments:

  • Navigate to the right location within the submission
  • Click upon the comment icon (see explanation, button H)
  • Now click on the exact location within the submission
  • type the comment
  • Click upn [save]
  • the comment can be replied by for instance another instructor

Marking text and marking text with comments:

A part of the text can be marked in divers colors, and – if needed – commented

  • Select the text that needs to be marked.
    A subtoolbar appears

    • When clicked at the first  “A”; the text will be marked
    • When clicked at the second  “A”; the text will be striked through
    • When clicked at the third  “A”; the text will be underlined
    • When clicked at the fourth  “A”;the text will be underlined
    • When clicked at the last icon; the marked text can be commented
      After clicking at SAVE, there is a possibility to reply to the comment (by another instructor)
  • When the color needs to be changed of the marked text then:
    • click at the annotation and the subtoolbar appears
    • Configure the color
      Please Note: the color of the marked and commented text can not be adjusted

Change annotations

To adjust the configuration of annotation follow these steps:

  • Click the hand icon
  • Select the annotation
  • Change the layout of the annotation

Remove annotations

To remove annotation follow these steps:

  • Click the hand icon
  • Select the annotation
  • Click on the trash icon (righ hand side of the toolbar)

Downloading submissions inclusive annotations

When all annotations are done and/or the submission needs to be downloaded with annotations follow these steps:

  • Click at the download button within the annotate toolbar (explanation, button K)
  • Depending on how the browser is configured, the save as screen of the browser will be opened
  • save the file