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Checking the converted Portfolios

The new portfolio framework incorporates a lot of changes. These are changes that alter the way you will work with portfolio’s and relate to the portfolio’s structure as well. This is why it is very important to control wether the conversion process has done its work successfully. You can do this by checking your converted portfolio’s thoroughly. Below you will find some tips.

  • First, check the artifacts in My Artifacts to be sure that the conversion-process dit its work correctly. If they are not there, they can and will not be added to the portfolio.
  • Review every page of the portfolio to check wether the content have been converted correctly. Have all the necessary artifacts been added as attachments to the portfolio?
  • Adjust the layout and design preferences of the converted portfolio to conform to the preferred design options. Check wether the settings need to be adjusted.
  • For you shared portfolios, check the sharing settings to be sure they were preserved appropriately.
  • Check wether earlier comments that have been added to the portfolio have been preserved.

If all the actions above have been succesfully completed, the most important issues relating to your portfolios are settled.