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Creating Portfolios

Converting Basic and Personal Portfolios to the new Portfolio Framework

The new portfolio framework incorporates a lot of changes. In the previous versions of Blackboard, two kinds of Portfolios existed: the Basic and the Personal one. The Basic Portfolio was based on a simple structure and was relatively easy to use, but lacked a few of the functions the Personal Portfolio had. Hence, students sometimes were obliged to use the Personal Portfolio. Students found the Personal Portfolio to be difficult to handle nevertheless, and after a while tend to forget the way to handle the Personal Portfolio’s.

Changes in the October 2014 release

The new portfolio framework has been changed dramatically. The biggest change is that there’s only one kind of Portfolio. It incorporates the simpeler use of the earlier Basic Portfolio and the more elaborate functions of the Personal Portfolio.

Converting Basic and Personal Portfolios to the new Portfolio Framework

Converting the old Portfolios to the new type will be done automatically during the implementation of the October 2014 release. It is a routine performed by the installation process. Although we will be testing this process thoroughly, we are not able to check every Portfolio. To be sure that your Portfolios are converted adequately, you’ll have to check the contents, the artifacts and the sharing of all your Portfolios by yourself. Maybe you also want to change the layout or design of the Portfolios. How to do this is described in more detail in the manual Checking the converted Portfolios