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Completing Portfolios

Completing the Portfolio

Completing the portfolio can take place after the primary structure of the portfolio has been created (see the manual Creating a new Portfolio), or after opening a portfolio (click next to the name of the portfolio and chose ‘Edit’ in the drop-down menu).

  1. Layout of the Pages-screen
    After opening a portfolio, you’ll see a screen like the one below.
    The screen shows you the pages of your portfolio. A menu is located at the left side, it shows the different pages and the sections within these pages. The template you used to create your portfolio delivers the structure of the portfolio (which can be altered if necessary). The location of the different sections is at the right side. Here you’ll be able to add content.
  2. Changing the menu
    In the left  image you see the menu, which reflects the structure of the pages of the portfolio, and is based on the chosen template. If you’ll apply changes to the menu, they will be executed immediately in the corresponding pages and/or sections.
    To change the sequence of the sections, drag the section in the menu to the desired place while selecting it at the double arrow-icon. Another way to achieve this, is to click on this icon and select the desired place in the pop-up screen that follows.
    To add a new page, click on the + (plus) icon. This will result in a new page-item in the menu, together with one section-item in the page. This page and its section will directly be available to edit.
    To delete a section, click on the corresponding trash-icon. To delete a page, also click on the corresponding trash-icon. Beware: all the sections of the page will be deleted too!
  3. Changing the sections of the page
    At the right side of the screen, the actual sections of the pages can be edited. A Page in Blackboard (like ‘Scholing binnen de universiteit’) is a chapter. The pages are subdivided in ‘Sections’ (like ‘Leerdoelen’, ‘Opgeleverde stukken’, …). Within the sections, papers, essays etc. can be added as an attachment. In Blackboard, these study-related attachments are called ‘Artifacts’. An artifact is a (grouped set of) papers, essays, or other objects that visualize the progress of your study or knowledge. It is possible to add more than one artifact to a section.
    Managing Artifacts
    Creating or changing artifacts cannot be done from within the My Portfolio page. Artifacts have to be managed in another page of the portfolio framework called ‘My Artifacts’. The idea to seperate the management of the portfolios and the artifacts is, that changes to artifacts will be reflected directly in all the portfolios that included the changed artifact.
  4. Adding artifacts
    Artifacts have to be made beforehand in ‘My Artifacts’, it is not possible to create them from within ‘My Portfolios’. To know more about creating artifacts, consult the manual Creating and managing Artifacts.
    To add an artifact, go to the concerning section and choose for ‘Add Artifact’. In the resulting popup-screen you will be able to make one of more choices out of your listed artifacts, as you can see in the image. After your choices are made, issue a submit to add the chosen artifacts to your portfolio section. The artifacts are listed as a kind of attachment to the section, which can be seen at the image in par. 3.
  5. Changing artifacts in your sections
    Removing artifacts is a simple procedure: just click at the cross from the artifact in the section. Completely replacing an artifact by another one is done by simply deleting the artifact to be changed and adding the wanted artifact. If you want to keep the artifact, but change the contents of the artifact, go to the ‘My Artifacts’ page to accomplish this. For more information about the latter process, consult the manual Creating and managing Artifacts.
  6. Resuming work at the portfolio.
    In general, portfolios are filled at different times in multiple phases in your educational career. To resume the work at your portfolio follow these steps: firstly log in to Blackboard with your SolisID and password, afterwards click at the tab ‘Portfolio’. Click at the right side of the name of the portfolio, which will open a popup-menu. Now choose ‘Edit’ to open your portfolio and to edit it.  You will see the menu and the pages with sections. The option ‘View’ in the popup-menu shows the result of your portfolio.