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Assignments: delegated grading

When creating an assignment there is also an option for Delegated Grading. This option aims to have students’ assignments checked by multiple graders.

Graders can not see each other’s scores and feedback if they have the role of teaching assistant. After all delegated graders have given the grades and feedback, the grades have to be finalized before the students get to see this. The following explains how to set up Delegated Grading and how it works when you are evaluating.

Set up delegated grading:

  • Go to the place in the course, where the students have to hand in the assignment.
  • Click on Assessments at the top of the page and choose Assignment from the drop-down menu. You enter the page with the settings for the assignment.
  • Give the assignment a name.
  • Set up a possible Due date and indicate Points possible.
  • Open Grading Options. Check the Enable Delegated Grading option.
  • A new item appears. This shows the instructors and teaching assistants who are allowed to check.
  • For each grader, you must indicate how the distribution must be made for grading. The options for this are:

Attention! The grader is linked per student to grade and not per assignment.
  • Assessors can view the scores and feedback from other assessors. In addition, they can reconcile grades and submit grades as final grades via Reconcile grades. The Reconcile grades option can be set per user, regardless of the role.
  • For assessors with the teaching assistant role you can switch on or off whether they can see the scores and feedback from other assessors. By default, they cannot reconcile the grades or actually submit them through Reconcile grades. There is the option to tick this option, so that teaching assistants can also finalize grades.
Tip! If you want to prevent other graders from submitting the grades as definitive, you can best assign them the role of teaching assistent.
  • You have now set Delegated grading.
  • Under Display or Grades, indicate whether the grades should be included in the calculations of the Grade Center and whether the grades can be shown to students in My Grades.
  • Make the assignment available at the desired time.
  • Click Submit to add the assignment.
  • Students can now hand in the assignments. Below is explained how delegated grading works during and after grading.

Overview of delegated grading:

  • During the period that the students can submit the assignments, you can in the meantime follow in an overview how the students are divided among the assessors and what grades the students have received from the assessors. In this overview you also make the figures definitive when everything has been assessed.
  • To get there go to the Grade Center.
  • Go to the column of the assignment in the Grade Center. Click behind the name of the assignment on the drop-down icon (gray arrow).
  • Click on Reconcile Grades in the drop-down menu.

You will now see an overview of the students in which you also see which assessor (s) they are linked to and which grade they have received. This overview is not visible for assessors with the teaching assistant role.

Grading assignments:

  • Grading is done in the same way as with a ‘normal’ assignment, namely via Needs Grading.

Overview of how much an grader has and still needs to grade:

  • Through the overview you can see how many assignments each grader has to grade.
  • Click on Show Grader Progress on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • You will see the names of all assessors with a bar underneath in which you can see the progress of the review.
  • The corresponding numbers indicate how much has been graded and how much has to be graded.

Attention!The numbers represent assignments that need to be checked and they don’t represent the number of students.

Add graders:

  • You can also add new assessors per student in the overview. Use the mouse in the row of the student where a new assessor needs to be added. A plus sign appears.
  • Click on the Plus sign and select the assessor and click Submit.

Attention! You can not delete the graders via this overview. To make the grades final, it is not necessary that all graders have given a grade. Students must have received at least one grade to make it final.

Adjusting grades and making grades final:

  • When everything has been checked, the grades can be made definitive, so that they become visible to the students.
  • Go back to the overview (Grade Center – Reconcile Grades).
  • Click on Final Grade at the top right. Select in the drop-down menu which digit should be chosen, namely Highest, Average or Lowest.
  • You can also indicate this per grade by clicking on the blue icon in the box.
  • The blue icons under final grade are now adjusted to the final grade. The grades are now visible in the Grade center.