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Caution! BB students is called now Blackboard. For more information click here.

Probably you are familiar with the app Blackboard Mobile Learn. This app now has a successor: BB Student.

This app can be freely downloaded and is available for Android or IOS devices (tablets, mobile phones). You can find it in one of the app stores under the name ‘BB Student’. After downloading the app, select ‘Utrecht University’, log in with your Solis-ID and begin.

The design of BB Student is totally new and compared to Mobile Learn more user-friendly, it is more adapted to an efficient use of Blackboard. For instance, the ‘Activity Stream’ is a starting page, where a selection of new announcements and new assignments are gathered, as well as assignments that still have to be completed. Furthermore, results are summarized in a seperate page, just like deadlines are. Like in Mobile Learn, courses still can be entered individually, but the lay-out is more docile and handsome. Still, if functionality is not designed in the app, the app will go over to the webversion of Blackboard, though now less frequently and with a warning!

Blackboard will continue to add functionality to BB Student.