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Introduction Blackboard 9.1

Content Collection – permissions on files and directories

Go to  [Content Collection]

The content collection for you as user appears

To give permissions on a file or directory to a user click on the  chevron

Then click in the menu on [permissions]

The users who has permissions to the file or directory will be shown with his/hers permissions behind it.

Permission can be given on several levels:

  • Read: Users have the ability to view files or folders.
  • Write: Users have the ability to make changes to files and folders.
  • Remove: Users have the ability to remove files from the folder or the folder itself.
  • Manage: Users have ability to control the properties and settings of files and folders.

There are two buttons availabe; [specific users] and [select specific users by place]:

Specific Users:

With specific users one or more users can be selected and give permission to. To select several users click on the browse button and search the users in the pop-up screen..

By checking the boxes the needed permissions can be set.

Note:  when a user has checked out in his privacy settings to be found within blackboard. Then this user can not be found through the [browse] button. To find this specific user to give permissions type its username directly in the [username] field..

Specific Users by place:

User can be given permissions who are enrolled in specific courses /organizations (communities) or specific course groups/organization (communities) groups.

Users by Course:

Within this option it is possible to check courses and roles. Then permissions will be given to the users who are enrolled within the checked courses and have the checked roles.

Users by Course Group

Within this option it is possible to select one or more groups within several courses. All users which are enrolled in those groups will be granted the permissions.

Users by Organization en Users by Organization Group

These two options are the same as the herabove mentioned options only different in the fact that its concerning communities in stead of courses.