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Creating an Assignment and letting students hand in Assignments

In Blackboard, an Assignment is created from within a Content Area.

As long as students are still working on an assignment, they should use the Save button regularly to save their work. The instructor will then see that the assignment is still locked and not yet ready to be reviewed. The student can hand in an assignment by pressing the Submit button. It will then be sent to the instructor to be reviewd. Once an assignment has been submitted, the student can no longer work on it. Make your students aware of this!

Creating an Assignment

  1. Under the menu-item ‘Assessments’, open ‘Assignments’.
  2. Make sure that the Edit Mode is turned ON.
  3. The Create Assignment screen appears. Fill in the name of the assignment, the assignment will be included in the Grade Center under this name.

  4. Under the section ‘Assignment Files’, you can add a file to the assignment, such as a document that needs to be studied, an exercise form or a specific layout that can serve as the basic template for the assignment.
  5. If you fill in a date in the section ‘Due Date’, the assignment can no longer be handed in after this date. The student will then receive a warning (To Do notification).
  6. In the section ‘Grading’, under Points Possible, you can specify the highest mark that can be achieved. Furthermore, Grading contains three extra sections:
    A/ Submission Details: here you will specify the Assignment Type (Individual, Group or Portfolio) and the number of attempts.
    Comment: Plagiarism Check: Urkund/Ouriginal, the plagiarism detection system of Utrecht University, is available for users. Urkund/Ouriginal can be used within Blackboard or standalone. Extra information and how to use Urkund/Ouriginal can be found in the manual: Plagiarism Control.
    B/ Grading Options: here you are able to specify wether students have the opportunity to hand in the assignment anonymously and wether more graders can hand in the assignment.
    C/ Display of Grades: here you give details about the way the Grades are presented in the Grade Center (score, text, percentage, …) and wether the students are shown in My Grades.
  7. In the section ‘Availability’ you are able to give in the starting and ending date of the assignment and wether the number of views has to be tracked.
  8. When you have filled in all relevant fields, press Submit.

Students can now view the assignment, download any attachments, work on the assignment and hand it in. Everytime a student hands in an assignment, a submission confirmation receipt will be made. Teachers can find these submission receitps in the Grade Center and students will receive an e-mail with the submission confirmation code and they can find it also in their MyGrades.

If you submit the assignment as an instructor, no result will be included in the Grade Center.